Turn aside from the beaten tracks
going on Rajputs well-trodden path

There are more than thousand ways to discover Rajasthan, but going on with a pure breed of Marwari, as rajas could have during the medieval time, it is already tread in their "hoofsteps". It is already enter in their history and find out palaces hidden in unconquered forts. It is already be in contact with a past perfume from the Maharajas time.

Far from common tourism, our team propose you, to turn aside from the beaten tracks and explore horse- back, safety and going on with your own rhythm, discovering countryside noted with the chivalrous history of brave Rajputs warriors.

We offer choice either to guide you with 3 carefully prepared itineraries or show you the way to organize your own trip, fitted in with your feelings.

See our well prepared trips :

1- A ride between Mewar and Marwar (Itineraries)
2- A Marwaris-horses ride at camp in Arravali hills (Itineraries)
3- A ride between wild life and cultural life(Itineraries)

These 3 tours are designed for not quite very experienced public riders, but they have to be able to ride all speeds for 5/ 6 hours a day. These are organized during all tourist season that begins in August month until April next year. Out of this period and all along the year we assume some outings (1 or 2 days).

To know before start

See our engagement in a sustainable tourism

These 3 tours are between 4 and 5 nights. Ride with camps is designed for Youngers, while others are fitted for everybody who loves nature, culture and particularly history.
You can combine our trips with your own journey and visits.
Create your own trip, with your days
We can arrange trips for every level of riders and we assume also outings with wide group -until 40 to 60 riders.
Create your own group and go the day you want
See here how to join a group for an event or a prepared trip
We already arranged some journeys more long, until 3 weeks. These are fitted with good riders who are able to ride easily several weeks.

Yet our organization is carefully and one can be carried by jeep if it is necessary. Also, jeep allows one to come with family members or friends who are not rider but want following a group.

We organize trips to participate or to visit some regional events and fairs like cattle fairs from Nagaur, Pushkar or Tilwara.
See here details for events
We usually manage a special event for Christmas or end of year See the calendar for events trips All our horses used are of pure Marwari breed.
See information about Marwari Breed, Our Horses and Stable.
Friend riders if you dream to get some of these rare beauties, you can send an enquiry mail. The owner, M. Singh has already exported his Marwaris abroad, until USA. Then donít hesitate and go with us. You can plan your horse trips with all of our tours. See all tours camel-back, camping, desert walks, trekking and jeep safari. We also do welcome budget travellers who want to go in to the desert for desert life and camel rides through these "DHANIES" (hamlets).

As recommended by LONELY PLANET (INDIA) 13th edition. .
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Gemar Singh arranges home stays, camping, desert walks and camel safaris to Osian and surrounding Rajput and Bishnoi villages"