Welcome to INDIA.

Welcome to our nation India.

As The Name Delhi2Desert we at HACRA help one who want to travel from International airport Delhi to Desert where you can spend some days in small village,take camel ride or simply walks and more...

We help you plan and book your journey through Delhi2Desert.

This travel might take:-

Just few hrs. trip by flight

An overnight trip by train.

A few days to couple of weeks trip by private Taxi+Driver.

Most simple route to take by road-

Delhi-> Agra *Taj Mahal.
Agra->jaipur*Elephant ride.
Jaipur->Ranthambore *Tiger safari.
Ranthambore->Bundi *hidden gem of the state.
Bundi->Udaipur *city of lakes.
Udaipur-Ranakpur *Jain temple
-> JODHPUR *Fort & Desert.

We discuss your trip via E-mails,to answer your questions, and to share India relevant travel &cultural information.
Once we arrive on a suitable, agreeable travel plan/itinerary we manage some of your travel related bookings. i.e.
Taxi+driver, some trains, some flights,couple of good home stays or all hotels and some activities such as local excursions,camel ride,camping and jeep village trip are name a few.

For better result during planing Rajasthan India trip

1) Pick the cities/destinations you want to visit in Rajasthan India.

* Along with cities let us know kind of activity/interest you have in-
Historical monuments,Temple,wild life,walking or riding activity and rural life.

2) We help you book the right combination of transport. Sometimes a overnight train is convenient, sometimes a day time bus, mostly it makes more sense to hire a car+driver.

3) Help you select/suggest home stay,heritage properties or * Palace hotels, and then can book it for you on your behalf or you can book directly if you want to do *We are flexible.

4) We are Happy to share some tips such as local special place to drink/eat, best place for views and where to shope as local.

5) Reduce your trip expenses. Simple things like, internal flights are cheaper if booked from Indian travel portals, you might not know them. Hotels, we know what is the right price for which hotel or we usually get a more reasonable deal on car hires.

Unlike a package tour you are in complete control of how much you wish to spend. You will pay for flights/train/buses and hotels as per the actual price. We give you a break-up of your trip/services.

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Namaste 'NAMASTE is hindi greetings in India.
More About India Our national language is Hindi. Delhi is its official capital and business capital is Mumbai(Bombay) its also called city of bollywood. India has its own world in The World. In hindi language India is called Bharat-Varsh. Up north its border touches Pakistan through Kashmir state and other side thousands of km. far south to Kerla state (Kanyakumari). In east Bengal & Asam state touches to Bangladesh and in west Indias boundary line again goes to Pakistan through Rajasthan state Thar desert (great Indian desert). Population of Indian big cities are much more then some countrys population in world; Delhi, kolkata,Chennai and Mumbai are these cities. Indian separate own world is not only this but also geographic situation in north where we have high mountains of Himalaya where in south big Arabian ocean and in west Thar desert 800km X 400km wide. This great Indian desert has its own different place in the world. Each part of India has its different climate, (north reaches few degree below 0c where in desert it goes up to +47c in may-june) languages,religions,way of life,food, culture,customs and costumes; After all these diversities India is still one nation; Going toward to reach top in future we are proud of it; Our own small world thats why one says either you love it or hate it - Incredible! India. After all above diversity and vitality in each part; India made a good name on worlds tourist map and in tourism market as a safe travel destination even for a solo woman; it provides different fields of travel purpose such as for historian,arciologist, agriculture, sports and adventure travel seekers. From last 10 years it is becoming a perfect place for those retired peoples who wants to spend their old-age life in peace quite and in budget as well as for those young couples who wants to spend their life together and get married to have lasting memory of life Dream Weddings! Honeymoon! holidays in Rajasthans palaces where kings have lived for century and still living. besides this Rajasthans forts, havelis,rural-life,wild-life(Tiger!),Horse Riding,Camel Safari and much more.......