Know before you start Camel ride
Before start, please read these informations about desert tour(camel ride), riders, camels, terrain & STAY. guides...

We generally ride 2 to 4 hours a day depending itinerary, terrain, camels condition, tour lenth and weather. We cover 10-14km a day. There may be some walking each day leading camels.

Level of riders
Camel riding does not require a lot of knowledge but riders must be confident & fit for staying in the saddle 3hours a day.
One can also walk or go on camel-cart/Jeep which are used for transport some of our supplies or you can ask an extra cushioned camel-cart for royal treat (will be charged extra).
To assume security of riders, each camel is managed with one camel-driver.

The group size is minimun 2 to maximum 8 riders plus guide and camel men.
Note:- We reserve the right to exceed the number of riders by one or two and also less .
We cant guarantee a minimum number of riders.

Our camels are all one humped desert born and live in the desert all year round .
They all well trained by Raika communities( Camel keepers and breeders).It is said that Raika is the tribes who brought camels in this desert-land.

Guides and staff
Our guides, camel-driver and cook all are LOCAL from the communities of Thar desert. they know some english, have good knowledge of Marwar and its desert.
They cook simple food (fresh green vegetables, rice, chapatis with some of local desert specialities.
Guest are welcome to give hand to set-up camps and cooking.

Things to bring on desert treks:
The most important thing is a good positive attitude.
Cool clothing(july-sept.)
Warm clothings(Oct.-March). (Weather website link)
Comfortable walking shoes; Water bottle.
A light scarf or hat (to protect against the sun)or Rajasthani Turban!
Sun cream.
Small tent and sleeping bags(If you have).
**Any medicines you deem appropriate.

We further suggest you purchase travel insurance before arrival, as well as having all vaccinations deemed necessary. . Insurance:- Travelling to remote destination, Trekking, Tour-Jeep/Car. Camel or Horse rides may involve risk of illness, accidents or death and neither agent (agency) nor French correspondent shall be held responsible or liable for such events. We strongly recommends that all visitors & riders purchase good health / travel insurance to cover all possibilities.